Sunday, 5 October 2014

East Neuk Workshop

Spent a very pleasant morning at Elie with some new and some not so new members of Kirkcaldy Photographic Society on a sort of workshop day out, Phil, Spud and myself were nominated "in charge" cos we organised it but thanks to Grant for for his input. Phil spent some time demonstrating and talking about slow shutter speed and ND filters, I was talking mostly about photo awareness and how easily we can get seduced by part of what's in front of us and although it might be spectacular, if the rest of the frame doesn't stand up then it's wasted and Spud was doing photo technique and the use of graduated filters.
Elie is a good location for this type of half day out because it offers so much variety in subject material, stone tower, lighthouse, rocky shoreline, harbour, sandy beach and dunes. It's also an area you can frequent time and again at different times of the day and different tide heights which will give access to different  photographic opportunities and it's local

Part of a washed up log with stuff growing in it

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Tentsmuir Beach

A glorious Sat. morning, great cloud formations, can't not go out and take photographs to make the best use of the big sky. Lets go to the beach, phoned Spud and we drove to Tentsmuir ( North East Fife ). Spent about three hours wandering around the south side of the beach and the sand dunes. The big skies didn't last long ( I suppose it was it was a bit too much to expect ) but the light was great and a breeze provided some movement in the grasses which border the beach. There's always photographs to be taken at Tentsmuir whether it's the classic sand dunes or waves and sticks or the little bit more obscure close up shots of the grasses or sea shells or dead stuff, you are always going to get photographs of some sort.
Tentsmuir is an enormous sandy beach and there is always bits and pieces being washed up providing photographic interest everywhere. The north end of the beach is usually populated with seals and there a lot of anti tank blocks and concreate fortifications, heading south from there it is endless sand, it is a great place for a walk and a great place to take photographs.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Glen Esk & Loch Lee
The early mornings are upon us again !
Took a run up to Glen Esk & Loch Lee today Sun 21st Sep with Spud and Phil
With the promise of good weather it was worth the drive, we got there before the sun came up, ( well it came up but it didn't come out until mid-day ) While the sun was trying to break through we went our separate ways looking for inspiration ( didn't happen ).
 Phil was first to draw stumps and look elsewhere, 20 min's later I decided to join him and 3 miles later I caught up with him parked at the side of the road, asked where's Spud? and got the reply :- not with me! (oops ) better go back and get him then.
Glen Esk is a smashing location for anybody interested in photographing trees, there are Rowan trees dotted everywhere in groups and singles without having to travel to far from the roadside.
Didn't venture too far along the Loch but there are numerous walks and trails leading to waterfalls and bridges so yea it's worth another visit

Thursday, 11 September 2014

High Tide At Clackmannanshire Bridge

I cross this bridge every other day and I see the river at all levels but it's not very often it reaches this high, maybe twice a year, so when I was coming home from work on Tues and saw it was a high one and I have been waiting for it for more than a year I thought BINGO ! the tide is high and the time is good.
Wednesday I loaded my camera and tripod into the van and I will get the photograph once again on my way home from work, you can guess it didn't quite go as planed ( well it wasn't really planed, more sort of grabbed ). What I didn't do was take my cable release or my wellies ( what a dope ), I'm in position and the water's getting higher, ( braw says me ) and  higher ( braw says me again ) and higher ( shit says me ) I'm standing in the river Forth and the water's still got six inches to rise.
I was hoping for a 15 - 20 second exposure but no cable put paid to that plan then no wellies put my chosen position out of reach so I shot off a couple of frames and moved to some dry ground, shot off another couple of frames and called it quits.
A year plus I've waited for that tide at that time and it happened on a good day, everything fell into place, well nearly everything.

All good things come to those who PLAN !

Saturday, 3 May 2014

It's Been A While

The only thing I have been doing latley is working my way through a list of possible locations and getting not very much in return.
We all do it, we see something and mark it as "must investigate"
Well I've been going through all my targets and coming up blank every time, thankfully most of them were local but the last one was a 2 hour drive to a location Arthur and I have tried to find twice before, well Ifound it and it wasn't worth the drive and the 2 hour walk over the hill. Arthur was peased when I told him because I had gone myself as he was doing other stuff, what other stuff comes before photography is anybodys guess but I suspect it was wife induced.
We are now getting to the time of the year when stuff starts growing and hiding all the things I usually photograph so it will be back to beaches and loch sides for some more wet photographs, keep off the hills there's stuff growing.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Sunday 12th Jan
Arthur, Colin, Phil & Myself took a run to the Northumberland coast starting at the Lindisfarne area at sun up until around 12 then went down to Dunstanburgh Castle for a couple of hours, we stayed on the mainland side of the causeway where there is not a lot to photograph but if you look hard enough you will usually find something.
The sunrise and cloud formations were stunning and the tide was out so we got out onto the exposed sand/mud at the Pilgrims Way
 then went walkabout on the shore for a couple of hours on a photo hunt, found a gap in a fence then had to wait for the sun to break through some developing cloud.

On to Dunstanburgh and the tide was just on the turn, this is a popular destination for photographers with a ruined castle and a coastline covered with large round boulders which are almost black when wet but also rather slippery. At the north end of the rocky coast there is a spectacular sandy beach which I was more interested in, if you are on a beach shoot the sea, there is always something to shoot on a beach it just so happens to be a large round black boulder
We had a pleasant day and home for tea time

Thursday, 2 January 2014

December 29th

Arthur and I took a run to the Glen Coe - Rannoch Moor area, been off work for a week and this was the first decent day to go out and take some photographs, we went to Glen Coe hoping for some snow but the only snow was on the hills and none at ground level.

The weather was predictably changeable and we did get wet again and all for very little in the photograph department, I did find some very interesting spots but they would need better lighting or a covering of snow to make them worth any attention, maybe next time.