Thursday, 5 January 2017


we headed south, I picked up Spud at 06:00 and we were at the Lindesfarne causeway by 8, unfortunately it didn't open until 10:15 so we decided to head deeper into the land below the border to Dunstanburgh Castle and the fabulous black boulder beach, as high tide was at 07:20ish the water was still well in giving us lots of wet black boulders which provide numerous and varied opportunities  for photography,

and a few mishaps, the breaking waves were unbelievable, big, noisy and constant so we finished with the boulders and decided to have a go at the breaking waves, which as you have probably already guessed is where the mishaps come in, on the rocks shooting waves, decides to move 3 steps sideways and the water was slightly deeper, enter huge wave, wellie full of sea :- *-:;##*- and a wee chuckle from behind but he who laughs last, 20 min's later the bold Spud decides to go one step further and enter the mega wave  WOOSH and spud is upside down and clinging onto a rock in what can only be described as serious surf, I was concerned for about 4 seconds then I thought how funny is that, Spuds reaction was and I quote " if you're not getting wet then you're  not trying hard enough" aye right !

If you are looking for photographs of breaking waves this is the place to go, really spectacular, Dunstanburgh Castle itself is quite an impressive ruin and if you want to photograph inside it will cost you a pearl diver so we didn't bother coz we're miserable gits and there are decent photographs to be taken of the castle without going in

Left Dunstanburgh behind and headed wet footed back up the coast to Lindisfarne for the last hour before the sun set. The 20 miles or so from Dunstanburgh to Lindisfarne is a great destination for any landscape photographer with castles, coves, a rocky coast line and up to the causeway which gives you access to the island at low tide.

We had a great day out, got some decent photographs and a bit of a laugh 
Well worth the trip


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