Saturday, 4 March 2017

Return To Glen Lyon

I was directed to this location by my friend Ray Smith who does video blogging under the name Renegade Scot, I have traveled through Glen Lyon on numerous occasions but never stopped ( that wont happen again ) . Glen Lyon or ( Valley Of The Sun God ) on a good day is a truly beautiful place, on a normal Scottish week end it's just as dreich and dour as any place else but I wont dwell on that because WOW ! . I went up last week end and although there was plenty of snow, knee deep in some places the sky was heavily overcast and photography was a bit of a challenge so I went back one week later and WOW ! the sun was out in all its glory and I would normally complain at this point about clear blue skies but no it was a pleasure to be here on a day when the sun god had his hat on. My primary photographic target was The Praying Hands which are a split, upright stone about 15-20  feet high surrounded by fairly impressive hills

Looking East

Looking West

I ended up wandering about the hills for 5 hours surrounded  by small waterfalls, large boulders, single trees or small groups of trees ( 3-4 ) and glorious weather, some stuff is a bit of a climb to reach but it is worth the effort

Driving through Glen Loyn from Keltneyburn to Killin is a long single track road but stop and go into the hills and a peaceful, quiet and beautiful world is waiting for you. 

What a day !!
Sorry about all the colour on the page but I'm sure you'll get over it

Rab. K

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