Who Is Rab Kerr

Rab Kerr
 Age 57
Lives in Fife

I just thought it was about time I let the world see how I see the world

I am a keen landscape "photographer" but it is more than about photography, it is about a love of being outdoors, in the woods, up a hill, by a loch side, it doesn't really matter as long as I am outdoors I am in a good place whether I am alone or with friends so I take photographs and let other people see what I see.
All my photographs end up in Black & White except the ones shown on the home page of this blog which are all taken on my compact camera.

Being a dyed in the wool film / darkroom user I have always been very selective about what I would photograph and always asked  will I print that? if I had to think for too long the answer was probably no so I resisted the urge to press the trigger therefor I would return home with never more than 10 separate images, being a fairly recent convert to digital ( 2010 ) I still go about it the same way with the same focus on the image and after a day on the hills I return home with no more than 8-10 separate images to work from. Most of the people I rub shoulders with seem to be quite happy to shoot hundreds of files on a day out, to me it just seems to be more use of the delete button when it comes to editing.

Living in Fife there 5 photographic clubs to choose from and I am an active member of Kirkcaldy Photographic Society, for me club life is a great way to meet like minded people and gleen a little knowledge from people who are good at what they do, aspire to be as good as they are and keep your photographic mind open to new possibilities.

Regards to all