Sunday, 3 September 2017

Good Plan - Failed Miserably 

The plan was :- Check the weather forecast was good / Drive to Glen Lyon / Walk for 15 minutes then climb a rather large hill and camp out the night to photograph the sunrise at 05:30 ( for Spud the colour junkie, sunrise loses all its splendor in B&W ).

Execution :- Weather forecast lookin good / Drive to Glen Lyon - done / Walk and clime the hill with camping stuff / Return to van for cameras etc. / Head back to camp site - Oops got dark quick / Found tents stowed gear, had a couple of beers and a wee goldie  ( just to keep the chill off )  / Set alarm for 05:00 / 05:00 unzip the tent to find two people who have set up camera gear in the prime positions to take the photographs we had camped out all night for, what the *">#** / Set up gear alongside our unexpected neighbors and wait for the main event. The glen was full of mist and every thing was looking great except there was not a cloud in the sky so the sunrise was a bit of a damp squib ( very nice but the colour junkies were a little disappointed ) But not a totally wasted trip, I got a couple of decent images which convert quite well to mono, don't know what Spud got ( he hasn't said ) 

Didn't quite go to plan but it gives us the excuse to go back and try again

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