Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Tunnels Were Calling

I paid a visit to the abandoned railway tunnels at Glenfarg a while back but for some reason I never even thought about taking a torch, duh ! 

So torch in pocket I went back today, there are two tunnels each about a five minute  walk through and it is surprisingly quite a pleasant walk, when you are in the middle of each tunnel you can see the light from both ends so there is a bit of comfort for the feard in the dark squad and once your eyes get accustomed to it there is actually quite a lot of light and you don't really need a torch, a fact which was brought home to me when a family of five wandered through walking their dog with no torch which was the last thing I expected to find, don't know what I did expect but it wasn't that. There is also quite a lot of graffiti some of it very poetic and some of it just graffiti, the phantom scribbler leaves his mark in the dark for nobody to see.

I knew the torch would come in handy
Had a pleasant afternoon and it's a walk I would recommend, even if it's just to say you have done it


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