Sunday, 1 May 2016

Loch Tulla & Loch Dochard

My pal Phil regularly asks " what's the plans for the weekend Rab" and my answer is always " no plans Phil depends on the weather"  Saturday is messages day and Sunday is camera day ( yea I know and I can hear you say WHAT !! ).  Well this is where it started, Friday night weather forecast BRAW all day Sat. and RAINING all day Sun. ( everywhere ), what does one do, after about 4 seconds I decided to put aside tradition, ASDA got the dicht and it was camera Sat. Up at 5am out the door at 6 with no fixed destination, up the middle to Aviemore/ Cairngorm area or head west to Glen Coe area, flip the mental coin, came down tails so went west. Nearing Tyndrum I was back in decision city, go north to Bridge of Orchy or peel off west and head for Loch Awe, what's happening here, I only wanted to take my camera for a walk and then I've got all these decisions to make, it's not right. up went the mental coin again but by the time it came back down I was past the junction for Loch Awe so fate carried the can for my day at Loch Tulla and Loch Dochard ( good choice fate ). I've been to Loch Tulla a couple of times last year and it is a great photographic location which I would recommend to anybody ( even Phil could get some good photographs there ) there is snow on the hills and I got there before the breeze so the loch was mirror calm, it is very easy to be seduced by the landscape all around you and forget what you are there for, on a good morning it is really special and worth the early rise and the 2 hour drive.

Moving on from Loch Tulla I went for a walk to Loch Dochard ( not been there before ) 2 hours later with a couple of short stops behold Loch Dochard, I knew it was going to be a bit of a hike but it was a smashing day and I thought if I only get one good photograph it will be worth it ( I can here Phil saying YOU'VE JUST WASTED 2 HOURS ) the loch itself is nothing to write a song about but the surrounding landscape is stunning, I may have two photographs which are OK but a wasted 2 hours 



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