Sunday, 28 February 2016

One Frosty Morning
Made the trip to the Trossachs with my pal Spud, freezin cold, bright, sunny and not a cloud in the sky and that is the downer for photographers and in particular B&W photographers, you see we like clouds not "CLOUDS" but some wee gentle things dotted around to keep the sky interesting, not today ! But you gotta make the best of what's on offer starting at Loch Venachar, there was not a drop of wind, the loch was mirror flat and the reflections of the snow topped mountains were unbelievable


needles to say we spent a couple of hours moochin' aboot looking for gems before we headed to Loch Arklet for hopefully more of the same but there was a covering of ice on most of the loch which killed any reflections and still no wee fluffies in the sky but the four mountains which form the skyline at the west end of the loch were covered in snow and in the sunlight were quite spectacular, ( a wee reflection there would  have been nice but na too much ice on the loch )


At one point overcome with the desire for the elusive wee gem, the boots and socks were off, breeks rolled up to the knees and in we go, the wee gem is still out there somewhere but the freezin' water woke up my toes and my knees and it goes without saying, ma breeks weren't rolled up far enough so I spent the rest of the day with cold, wet legs, should know by now there is no such thing as a wee gem but the search goes on.

Home in time to make the wife's tea, have a bottle of beer then an hour on the couch.

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