Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sunday Jan.17th
Loch Tulla

Thought I might get some good weather for a day out but .. the usual overcast skies was forecast and the forecast wasn't wrong, but ...with a bit of snow about I thought it might be worthwhile to go where the snow was and I had a very pleasant day on and around Loch Tulla in Argyle & Bute. Got there about 10am the loch was frozen over there was snow on the ice and there was enough earl sunlight to make it a spectacular morning ( not sure about the photography but the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful ) My pal Spud and I were here in the early autumn and we thought it was OK what a difference some snow makes.
The early sunlight vanished late in the morning but when you don't use colour flat lighting with snow and stuff is a joy to work in, no worries about casting shadows then trying to Photo Shop them out, everyday walk past, take no notice of things take on a new and interesting shape when they'r covered in the white stuff

and you can return to things you've already photographed ( and got some OK photographs I might add ) knowing you are getting something new

Had a very enjoyable 4 hours at Loch Tulla, it's a 2 hour drive from home but well worth the effort.                 Just for the record both these images are colour files straight from camera


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