Monday, 23 May 2016

Not A Photographic Post: But one for the future

Just been on an Island Survival Weekend Course in a beautiful part of Scotland :- Moidart

 Morning in the rain
Half an hour before sunset

Two of the views from the island we were stranded on

The weekend started on Friday night with an overnight camp in a wooded area on the land owned by Wildwood Bushcraft and it was basically  a meet and greet the other participants in the course before the course started proper on Sat. morning, then it was 07:30 rise for a 8am Canoe ferry to our home for 2 days with no food but a survival expert to keep us on the right track, showing us what was edible :- limpets ( raw or cooked ) encouraged to try both winkles, mussels and every type of seaweed you can imagine, home made bannocks for breakfast made with flour, water and stuff stuff being seaweed. How do you light a fire in the rain :- with difficulty, but it rained a lot so it was a handy skill to learn. Fish for tea then lets go fishing in the only bit of the sea with no fish in it, luckily for us Leon the survival expert must have known there were no fish in the sea coz he brought one for each of us which were gone in a flash.

How to get off our island home, :- build a bloody raft and paddle it, you'r having a laugh, nope, there's the makins lads get on with it, we did no a bad job if I say so myself, the buoyancy wasn't great so it was wet arse time but it stayed together and it stayed afloat. ( the wet arse was from testing it coz none of us opted for the paddle to shore on it, not totally daft )

Met some great folk and had a great weekend "surviving" so thanks to Wildwood Bushcraft for that and I plan to go back in the spring on a photographic trip coz it is a stunningly beautiful location.


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