Sunday, 18 September 2016

Glen Shee to Linn of Dee

We are heading off on our annual jaunt to the Isle of Harris in a couple of weeks so I thought I might be better dust the summer cobwebs off the camera and get my photographers eye back in so I took a trip north to Glen Shee through Glen Clunie to Braemar and the Linn of Dee, flying solo because my pal Spud is in Oban with his wife ( something about their anniversary ) cummon Spud where's your commitment. Didn't stop in Glen Shee but once past the ski lift and into Glen Clunie there were a lot of stop/ look/ nah,  stop/look/nah,  stop/look/nah but quite a few stop/ look/that'll do

 This trip turned into a bit of a roadside safari ( not ready for hills yet ) but no complaints road side through CGen Clunie and from Braemar up through the Mar Lodge Estate provides plenty photographic opportunities within 100 - 150 yards ( that's about 90 - 140 meters for the young ains )  off the roadside

On the way up through the Mar Lodge Estate I saw an old bridge crossing a dry river bed and thought I might pay it a visit so it was road end at the Linn and back down the other side to the old bridge, sorry to say it was a wasted trip, it looks great from the road up but when you get there " as so often happens" nah, so if you are ever up in that area don't be tempted it's not worth the drive. The Linn of Dee however is a truly impressive example of water erosion and when the river is in spate the noise must be deafening, worth a trip even just to see it.
Today I ODd a bit on the roadside landscapery but it is a great run and like I said the photo opportunities are plentiful if you keep your eyes open
Defiantly a worthwhile trip


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