Saturday, 27 September 2014

Tentsmuir Beach

A glorious Sat. morning, great cloud formations, can't not go out and take photographs to make the best use of the big sky. Lets go to the beach, phoned Spud and we drove to Tentsmuir ( North East Fife ). Spent about three hours wandering around the south side of the beach and the sand dunes. The big skies didn't last long ( I suppose it was it was a bit too much to expect ) but the light was great and a breeze provided some movement in the grasses which border the beach. There's always photographs to be taken at Tentsmuir whether it's the classic sand dunes or waves and sticks or the little bit more obscure close up shots of the grasses or sea shells or dead stuff, you are always going to get photographs of some sort.
Tentsmuir is an enormous sandy beach and there is always bits and pieces being washed up providing photographic interest everywhere. The north end of the beach is usually populated with seals and there a lot of anti tank blocks and concreate fortifications, heading south from there it is endless sand, it is a great place for a walk and a great place to take photographs.

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