Sunday, 21 September 2014

Glen Esk & Loch Lee
The early mornings are upon us again !
Took a run up to Glen Esk & Loch Lee today Sun 21st Sep with Spud and Phil
With the promise of good weather it was worth the drive, we got there before the sun came up, ( well it came up but it didn't come out until mid-day ) While the sun was trying to break through we went our separate ways looking for inspiration ( didn't happen ).
 Phil was first to draw stumps and look elsewhere, 20 min's later I decided to join him and 3 miles later I caught up with him parked at the side of the road, asked where's Spud? and got the reply :- not with me! (oops ) better go back and get him then.
Glen Esk is a smashing location for anybody interested in photographing trees, there are Rowan trees dotted everywhere in groups and singles without having to travel to far from the roadside.
Didn't venture too far along the Loch but there are numerous walks and trails leading to waterfalls and bridges so yea it's worth another visit

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