Thursday, 11 September 2014

High Tide At Clackmannanshire Bridge

I cross this bridge every other day and I see the river at all levels but it's not very often it reaches this high, maybe twice a year, so when I was coming home from work on Tues and saw it was a high one and I have been waiting for it for more than a year I thought BINGO ! the tide is high and the time is good.
Wednesday I loaded my camera and tripod into the van and I will get the photograph once again on my way home from work, you can guess it didn't quite go as planed ( well it wasn't really planed, more sort of grabbed ). What I didn't do was take my cable release or my wellies ( what a dope ), I'm in position and the water's getting higher, ( braw says me ) and  higher ( braw says me again ) and higher ( shit says me ) I'm standing in the river Forth and the water's still got six inches to rise.
I was hoping for a 15 - 20 second exposure but no cable put paid to that plan then no wellies put my chosen position out of reach so I shot off a couple of frames and moved to some dry ground, shot off another couple of frames and called it quits.
A year plus I've waited for that tide at that time and it happened on a good day, everything fell into place, well nearly everything.

All good things come to those who PLAN !

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