Saturday, 3 May 2014

It's Been A While

The only thing I have been doing latley is working my way through a list of possible locations and getting not very much in return.
We all do it, we see something and mark it as "must investigate"
Well I've been going through all my targets and coming up blank every time, thankfully most of them were local but the last one was a 2 hour drive to a location Arthur and I have tried to find twice before, well Ifound it and it wasn't worth the drive and the 2 hour walk over the hill. Arthur was peased when I told him because I had gone myself as he was doing other stuff, what other stuff comes before photography is anybodys guess but I suspect it was wife induced.
We are now getting to the time of the year when stuff starts growing and hiding all the things I usually photograph so it will be back to beaches and loch sides for some more wet photographs, keep off the hills there's stuff growing.

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