Friday, 17 January 2014

Sunday 12th Jan
Arthur, Colin, Phil & Myself took a run to the Northumberland coast starting at the Lindisfarne area at sun up until around 12 then went down to Dunstanburgh Castle for a couple of hours, we stayed on the mainland side of the causeway where there is not a lot to photograph but if you look hard enough you will usually find something.
The sunrise and cloud formations were stunning and the tide was out so we got out onto the exposed sand/mud at the Pilgrims Way
 then went walkabout on the shore for a couple of hours on a photo hunt, found a gap in a fence then had to wait for the sun to break through some developing cloud.

On to Dunstanburgh and the tide was just on the turn, this is a popular destination for photographers with a ruined castle and a coastline covered with large round boulders which are almost black when wet but also rather slippery. At the north end of the rocky coast there is a spectacular sandy beach which I was more interested in, if you are on a beach shoot the sea, there is always something to shoot on a beach it just so happens to be a large round black boulder
We had a pleasant day and home for tea time

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