Sunday, 5 October 2014

East Neuk Workshop

Spent a very pleasant morning at Elie with some new and some not so new members of Kirkcaldy Photographic Society on a sort of workshop day out, Phil, Spud and myself were nominated "in charge" cos we organised it but thanks to Grant for for his input. Phil spent some time demonstrating and talking about slow shutter speed and ND filters, I was talking mostly about photo awareness and how easily we can get seduced by part of what's in front of us and although it might be spectacular, if the rest of the frame doesn't stand up then it's wasted and Spud was doing photo technique and the use of graduated filters.
Elie is a good location for this type of half day out because it offers so much variety in subject material, stone tower, lighthouse, rocky shoreline, harbour, sandy beach and dunes. It's also an area you can frequent time and again at different times of the day and different tide heights which will give access to different  photographic opportunities and it's local

Part of a washed up log with stuff growing in it

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