Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Southerness Lighthouse

I saw an article in the paper ( touristy thing ) with a photograph of Southerness Lighthouse and thought that might be worth a visit, so Spud, Phil and myself made the trip south about 15 minutes south of Dumfries.
Be Warned :- There is nothing else there except the Lighthouse built in 1749
A horrid "beach", 3 holiday camps and an old lighthouse. The lighthouse itself is worth the visit but the photographic potential is very limited and get there before 11am or the "beach " gets full of cars and visitors from the camps. We arrived about 9am and the tide was coming in, high tide was at 12:15 so we stayed to cover the high tide and make the most of the location, I would have been gone about 11 bells but S & P wanted to cover the high tide so we were there to about 15:00.

Wouldn't recommend it as a photographic destination unless you live local

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