Monday, 20 May 2013

Been A Bit Quiet

Not been much happening on the photographic front lately
The Scottish Salon opened in Brechin on the 18th May so Spud and I went up for a look see and had a very good day out just looking at some great photographs from all over the world, the salon is open until early in June and I would recommend a visit to anyone who is interested in good photography, might get a little inspiration !

My boy was driving off road at Knockhill on Sunday morning so I went along to wander around the hills while he was doing the driving thing, once again not a great morning, a lot of fog but no rain yeaaaaa NO RAIN !! yes you read it correct, no rain. I did manage to unearth a couple of foggy things but they will require a little bit more photoshop than I would normally use ( will give me something to do when Corrie's on ).
Have been trying a bit of the old Still Life malarkey, not an easy task, it's a bit like learning to walk all over again but I have a couple of ok ideas but having ideas and having photographs are two very different things but the gods of Still Life have thrown down the gauntlet and I have taken up the challenge

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