Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Weekend
On call engineer again so travelling a distance was out but Spud and I went along to the beach at Tentsmuir (North East Fife )
The beach at Tentsmuir is sort of comes in two parts, if you approach from the Leuchars direction there are miles of sand dunes and beach and if you approach from the Tayport direction there are old fortifications from the war, tidal pools, seals and of course beach. Both areas of the beach are usually strewn with washed up logs and trees, the whole beach is then backed up with forest.
 If coastal photography is your thing you will be hard pressed to find a better location for variety of subject matter.
We live only a half hour drive so we went along early afternoon and had a very enjoyable 3 hours at the Leuchars end photographing in the dunes and waters edge. I did mention a couple of posts ago that you can never get too many photographs of sticks on a beach well I now have another 3 or 4 for the collection

Is it flotsam or jetsam when stuff is washed up? not that it matters but the people who frequent this beach seem to be fascinated with standing large logs on end in the sand like some beach comers Stonehenge type ritual, having said that I think these ones are natural, they are in the dunes back off the beach
This one is not natural and you can almost imagine some midnight ritual involving fire and lots of beer on every second Saturday.
The trip did have its by now compulsory hick up. Parked the van and set off along the beach looking for that little gem to get the juices flowing only to find that I had left my glasses in the van. Have you ever tried the old blind man photography? Not recommended!
Took a forty minute drive inland to some locations we had scouted out at the start of the year for a return trip but no joy this time either and we ended up at Loch Leven for an hour or so. Don't know if Spud got any worth while photographs but I was playing with some panoramic stuff, still learning what works and what doesn't, Sunday stuff didn't work!

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