Saturday, 23 March 2013


Sorry to anyone who is daft enough to be waiting for the next mishap or failed road trip or the rarest of occasions when it all comes together but either through work or weather I seem to be stuck in photographic limbo, so what's the alternative?
Revisit old files which had been consigned to the Never To Be Seen Again folder for whatever reason.
                                          This is an image shot at St Cyrus in March 2012.

 Saw the end result in my head when I was framing up and had to wait about half an hour for the tide to come in and half submerge the front posts, yea, happy with the composition, the end result was nice enough but not what I had in mind, now to any full time photoshop user it is a flick of a switch and hey presto got what you want but I am not that photoshop user, my image processing consists of some adjustment layers (Levels and Brightness & Contrast) with a wee bit of Cloning and Spot Healing to tidy up then send to printer. So this file ended up reluctantly in the NTBSA folder because although I played around in Elements 9 for yonks I couldn't find the right switch, slider or tweeker to make it work.
Enter the prolonged period of photographic inactivity and a revisit to THE FOLDER and yes it was just a drag of the Clarity slider all the way to the left to smooth out all the detail in the sand and sea then process in the normal way.             As easy as falling off a bike !

If you know that it's junk then throw it out but maybe it's just waiting for a light to come on in your head.
            Everybody has a NTBSA folder so when you start getting twitchy visit THE FOLDER.

                                                                   Happy hunting

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