Sunday, 3 February 2013

Never Waste A Sunny Day

After all the anti-social weather we have been having finally along comes a sunny Saturday so after all the house work was done I made the 15 minute trip to Lochgelly loch, I have never been here to take photographs so it was a journey into the unknown 15 minutes from my house. When I was growing up there was a water skiing club at this loch and the jetty is still there but with all the rain the jetty was under water ( might be worth a return visit ), had a close encounter with a Highland coo which was lurking blind side of the old clubhouse, they've got big horns, BIG horns so I did a bit of back tracking and found some coo fur on a barbed wire fence, might be why it was hiding behind the building.
On the walk round the loch bank I woke up a man in a hammock pretending to be fishing with the customary "all right mate" and received the customary grunt in reply.
At the west end of the loch is a large reed bed in which I found a single bull rush stalk and thought it might be worth a bit of tidying up during which I managed to get one leg wet up to my knee for what wasn't really worth the bother but because I had a wet leg I took the shot anyway.
Photographically speaking not a great day but it's as much about enjoying the outdoors as taking photographs so I had a very pleasant Saturday afternoon in Lochgelly ( not a phrase you are likely to hear very often )