Sunday, 2 December 2012

Glen Etive

The forecast was good so I made the call and we took a run up to Glen Etive, we were not alone, the car park at the end of the road was already full at 08:30 and the photographers were scurrying about like ants waiting for the sun to reach the top of the hill. There can't be many photographers who do not have at least one picture of Buachaille Etive Mor in their portfolio and trying to find something a wee bit different is an impossible task so I ended up just using some nice ice formations around the rocks as a bit of foreground, the temp. was -5 so there was plenty ice formations to chose from, Spud didn't bother and we didn't hang about on the ant hill very long.
Made the long and at times twitchy drive down the single track, icy road to Loch Etive and put the kettle on. It's strange when you just catch a fleeting glimpse of maybe something just the other side of something at the side of the road and know that you have to investigate, some times it's worth the walk most of the time it's not, this time it was, found a small frozen lochan ( more like a big puddle ) with a large, old dead tree and snow capped mountains in the background, nice one. Spud moved on up the Glen to an old shed with an old bike set out in front which we had spotted on the way down, by the time I had caught up with him there were another 8 photographers from one of the Glasgow clubs in attendance, he was not a happy man.
We then moved up to the lochans on Rannoch moor, easy on the eye but a nightmare to try and get good photographs, to use what was left of the light and home for 6.
Any photographs which survive the delete button will be in the new picture section in Jan.

Not going out next week as work once again takes precedence so there will not be a post for probably 2 weeks.  TTFN