Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Weekend Off

If there is anybody out there reading this do not despair, I have not given up, only had two weeks of inactivity. Got some pointers last night at my club competition about tweeks and paying attention to what I am doing BEFORE I go to printer so this week I am going to be retweeking and comparing results.
This weekend coming up is a big one, heading north to Ullapool on Sat morning  and staying until Tuesday, so the next post will not be until probably Wednesday.
Is the co-pilot going ? well there's nae show withoot Punch ! of course he's going,
Just a little bit apprehensive, north west of Scotland can be a bit wild and wet in November, don't know what possessed us to make the go north decision ( blame Spud ) but the decision's made and the hotel's booked so there's no going back.
Anticipated Post for next Wed.  :-  IT RAINED