Sunday, 11 November 2012

Not Going Out
No tale of misadventure, bad weather or wrong roads, can't get out this weekend due to work stuff getting in the way so what instead ?
Checked out what Spud managed to get home from Loch Tay with and did as much photoshop work as I normally do ( VERY LITTLE ) on the two of my own which I decided were worth keeping.
I have found myself drawn more toward a square format recently and although not all my subject matter is suitable the stuff which is gives very satisfying results.
Like almost every landscape photographer I have a collection of filters ( small collection ), the usual ND grads and straight ND filters which are used sparingly, although I like the effect of the Big Stopper I feel it is too much and for me any more than around the 20-25 second mark is a bit overdone, around 25 seconds on water will still tame the sea and 10-12 will let some movement be aparent and give the image a wee bit of life which can be vital in keeping interest throughout the image.
Next weekend is also giong to be camera free as it is the SPF projected digital image club competition and although I do not use the PDI format I always attend these things to keep an eye on what's happening in the Scottish Photographic world, always helps to stimulate your own creativity.