Friday, 23 January 2015


Spud and I took a run to Glen Coe last Sunday because that's where you go when there's lots of snow

Up at 04:30 and away at 5. Glen Coe is a spectacular place in the winter but if you are looking for easy parking in any of the allocated parking areas forget it, the ones that are not still loaded with snow are either fully loaded with cars or nowhere near where you want to go so it's long walk time but it's always worth it. 

Walking through deep snow is never easy but when the next step is waist deep and at the bottom is a burn which your foot always finds it's not the most pleasant experience and you know that before long you are going to do it again and odds on it will be the other foot ( matching pair of boots full of freezing cold water and slush ) lovely.

Be prepared to meet other photographers as there are lots of them looking for the same thing you are and no doubt going away loaded with a weeks worth of photo editing and some very good images

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