Sunday, 23 November 2014

I Had A Plan

Spend the day on the Moray Coast.
      OOPS !
Up at six and out by half past, the plan was visit the Bow Fiddle Rock at Portnockie then go to Cullen Bay and finish off at Lossiemouth. I did a bit of homework on the area through the Flikr site and it looks promising.

Drove 180 miles to Potrnockie setting up for first shot and got wet feet, it went downhill from there. None of the dials or wheels on my camera seem to be doing anything, now I'm not an expert but this is not a good sign, the take a shot button still works but everything else is a bit random.  
                                         ARRRGGGGGGG !!!

                    So I went here

                                                                                                      and took this on my compact then had a cup of tea and a bite to eat, fiddled with my 50D for twenty minutes, wrung the water out of my socks and drove 180 miles home. I'm now looking for a service / repair centre for Canon.

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