Tuesday, 8 October 2013

It's Been A While

Hello Again
Almost forgot how to do this blogging thing and the photographic eye is also getting a bit rusty and if there is one thing you don't want its rusty eye, OUCH !
The plan for Sunday was Glen Luss but the weather forecast was overcast in the west and bright in the east so we made a tactical change to the destination ( we being Spud & myself  ) and we ended up at Lunan Bay between Arbroath and Montrose, we shouldn't have bothered changing the destination because the "bright in the east" was a lie. However we spent an uneventful couple of hours on the beach at Lunan under a grey sky trying very hard to make it work without much success

At the right time of the year you will get tidal salmon nets on 12ft poles at Lunan Bay and the rest of the year there is always remnants and anchor points for the nets on a very large beach so a little bit of research if you are ever going there will pay dividends. The salmon fishing season at Lunan is a very short period and it is continually being cut back "to preserve stocks" 
What happened was we got a very gentle but frustrating nudge back into the world of the landscape photographer. Did we enjoy the day out under the grey sky with inspiration all but non-existent and don't forget the rusty eye ? YES !
                                                           I's good to be back


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