Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Strange Weekend !

I took an off the cuff run to the beach at Kirkcaldy on Sat. because I had nothing better to do and came away with a couple of reasonable images, ( they are not photographs yet because they are not on paper ). Kirkcaldy beach is well visited by all the local photographers and so the photogenic areas are shot from every conceivable angle, so to try for " a bit different " I went for the panoramic.
The stitching is a bit rough but it's a quicky to get on the blog, ( yea ! that's what they all say ) the key to this type of image is to make sure that everything is level if it's not it doesn't stitch well, this is four files shot on the horizontal covering about 150 degrees and merged in the Canon utilities program. I will play with this again when the opportunity comes along but to get it right, like everything else it's a learning curve. the other bit of luck on Sat was a lump of tree washed up on the beach, it doesn't matter how many pictures of washed up logs you've got there's always room for one more. this one
was done with a slow shutter and receding wave and more important NO DEVIL DOG roaming the beach.
Sunday was a planed trip to the Bonny Banks.
Went up the east side to Rowardennan then worked our way north on the West Highland Way for about an hour, the weather was a bit hit or miss but that didn't really mater because as good a walk as it is it is not very inspiring photographically. There are some very good stops on the way south down the loch but we have pretty much shot them to death and so didn't stop on this trip.