Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sunday 28th Oct.
Extra hour in bed ! Aye Right
Up at 7 instead of 8

Checked the weather forecast ( looked out the kitchen window ), not very promising but having decided to go ahead with this blog I can't really stay in just because the sun isn't shining.
I got one of those strange looks from Mrs Kerr when I said I was going out with my camera, nothing unusual there then.
Decision made I headed up the east coast to Arbroath, the weather didn't get any better and the photography was almost nonexistent so I packed up and drove south to Broughty Ferry which is tagged on to the east end of Dundee and spent 2-3 hours patrolling the beach, I knew that you always get washed up stuff there so it is usually good for a wander about and a bit of exploring.
I was set up on a large lump of drift wood and I saw a man and his Pit Bull a dozen or so paces away and coming my way so I decided to wait until they had passed knowing that the next wave would wash out any footprints they left in the sand, to my horror the DEVIL dog decided it was going to have a go at the wood and clamped onto the 3ft tail end which was sticking up, snapped it off and wandered up the beach with it in its mouth, pretty much destroyed what I was shooting and left me a bit dumbfounded.
I managed to get some other photographs which on first viewing might be keepable.
On telling the tail of the dog to Mrs.K I just got another one of those looks as if it was my own fault.