Friday, 26 October 2012

Run To Rannoch

October 21st 2012

Didn't quite go as planned
05:30 alarm
Get van ready with camera equip., food & water
06:30 pick up my wing man ( Spud )
Ahead is a 2 hour drive to our chosen destination ( Loch Rannoch )
1 Hour into the drive and the conversation gets to - Why did we get up at 1/2 Past 5 in the morning to do this? Are we DAFT ?
It's dark and it's foggy and I miss the junction which takes us along Loch Tummel to Loch Rannoch, didn't know until we were driving through villages we had never seen before
Stop and dig out the road map
No problem we pick up the road at the next junction, as we drive into the hills the sun starts to rise and we are given a fabulous view across Glen Errochty with light mist in the Glen, a landscape photographers dream and the question was answered - THIS is why we get up at 1/2 past 5 in the morning to do this, beautiful morning, mist in the glen, farm cottages, isolated trees ( big and small, all shrouded in mist,) good company and a cup of hot tea.
We spent 2-3 hours taking photographs, and just sitting about enjoying the view before we moved along to what was our initial destination Loch Rannoch, by this time the early light was gone, the mist on the loch was no more but it didn't matter, we missed the junction and stumbled on a little bit of heaven in the highlands. There is a God and I think he likes us.
We spent another 3-4 hours photographing at Loch Rannoch but the job was done early and we set off home two happy "photographers"

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